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Main Abbreviations — Annotated Bibliographies

See also the general glossary of abbreviations

AAMD: American Association on Mental Deficiency

ABC: Atendimento Baseado no Communidade

ABSA: Anjuman Behbood-e-Samat-e-Atfal

ACCEPTS: A Curriculum for Children's Effective Peer and Teacher Skills

ACHAC: Association des Centres pour Handicapés d'Afrique Centrale

ADAR: Association pour le Développement Intégral des Aveugles et d'autres Handicapés au Rwanda

Afr.: African

AGFUND: Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations

AHED: Association for Health and Environmental Development

AHRI: Armauer Hansen Research Institute

AJSNE: Africa Journal of Special Needs Education

ALERT: All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training

Amer.: American

AMFES: ALERT MDT Field Evaluation Study

AMIDEAST: America–Mideast Educational and Training Services

AMREF: African Medical and Research Foundation

Ann.: Annals of

App.: Appendix

ARC: Arab Resource Collective Limited

ARJ: African Rehabilitation Journal

ARPD: Association for the Rehabilitation of Physically Disabled

ARSL: Arabic Sign Languages

ASR: Applied Socio–Economic Research

Assoc.: Association (of, of the)

Attrib.: Attributed

ASYAR: Apprenticeship Scheme for Young Afghans

BCG: Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (vaccination)

BMJ: British Medical Journal

Brit.: British

BSO: Blind Services Office

Bull.: Bulletin (of, of the)

c.: circa

CADA: Committee on Assistance to Disabled Afghans

CAJM: Central African Journal of Medicine

CAR: Cross–Cultural Applicability Research

CCAR: Central Conference of American Rabbis

CCBRT: Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania

CCTA: Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa South of the Sahara

CDAP: Comprehensive Disabled Afghans' Project

CEDAF: Centre d'Etudes et de Documentation sur l'Afrique Noire

CEPSI: Centre d'Etude des Problemes Sociaux Indigenes

CEZ/G: Church of England Zenana Clerical Secretary's Department

CEZMS: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society

CftH: Council for the Handicapped

Ch.: Chapter

CHS: Community Health Sciences

CHW: Community Health Workers

CODESRIA: Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa

Comm.: Committee

Cncl: Council (of)

CNCR: Central National Committee for Rehabilitation

Co.: Company

Coll.: College

Commis.: Commission

Conf.: Conference

Cong.: Congress

Coord.: Coordinating

CPM: Coloured Progressive Matrices

CPO: Cerebral Palsy Overseas

CRDP: Center for Educational Research and Development

CRS: Catholic Relief Services

CSA: Scientific Council for Africa South of the Sahara

Cwlth: Commonwealth

DANIDA: Danish International Development Agency

DAP: Disabled Afghan Project

Dept: Department (of)

DeS: Dar es Salaam

Dev.: Development

DGSE: Directorate General of Special Education, Ministry of Health, Special Educucation and Social Welfare, Government of Pakistan

DGSW: Directorate-General of Social Welfare, West Pakistan

disab.: disability

diss.: dissertation

doc.: document (number)

DRA: Disaster Reduction Alliance

EAMJ: East African Medical Journal

ECETP: Early Childhood Education and Training Program

Econ.: Economics

Ed.: Editor

edn: edition

Educ.: Education

educnl: educational

EFA: Education for All

EMR: Eastern Mediterranean Region

EPI: Expanded Programme of Immunisation

ERE: Encyclopedia of Religion & Ethics (1908-26), Ed. J. Hastings

FAMH: Frontier Association for the Mentally Handicapped

FINNIDA: Department for International Development Co–operation, Finland

fl.: Was most active around (literally, floruit)

Fndn: Foundation

Gab: Gaborone

GoB: Government of Botswana

GoM: Government of Malawi

GoN: Government of Namibia

GoP: Government of Pakistan

Govt: Government (of)

GoZ: Government of the Republic of Zambia

GURT: Government of the United Republic of Tanzania

GUVS: General Union of Voluntary Societies

HDRU: Human Development Research Unit

HERC: Health and Education Resource Centre

hist.: history

Hlth: Health

HMSO: Her Majesty's Stationery Office (now Office of Public Sector Information)

Hrr: Harare

IAMS: Indian Annals of Medical Science

IAS: Institute for African Studies (now Institute for Economic and Social Studies, UNZA)

ICCIDD: International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders

ICTA: International Commission on Technology and Accessibility

IDD: Iodine Deficiency Disorders

IEEIR: International Exchange of Experts and Information in Rehabilitation

IJRR: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research

IJSE: International Journal of Special Education

ILO: International Labour Organisation

ILSMH: International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap (now Inclusion International)

IMG: Indian Medical Gazette

Inc.: Incorporated

Incl.: Including

INSERM: Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale

Inst.: Institute (of)

Intl: International

IRC: International Rescue Committee

ISEC: International Special Education Congress

ISPO: International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics

IYDP: International Year of Disabled Persons

J.: Journal (of, of the)

JPMA: J. Pakistan Medical Association

KAP: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice

Ksa: Kinshasa

Lab.: Labour

Leb. MJ: Lebanese Medical Journal (Journal Medical Libanais)

Lib.: Library

LNUAP: Lebanon National Union of Associations of Parents (having some association with mental retardation)

LR: Leprosy Review

LRR: Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation

Lsk: Lusaka

MACOHA: Malawi Council for the Handicapped

MDP: Mémoires de la Délégation en Perse (Paris, 1900)

MDT: Multiple Drug Therapy

Med.: Medical

Medcn.: Medicine

MENA: Middle East and North Africa

MHC: Mental Health Centre (Peshawar)

MHSESW: Ministry of Health, Special Education & Social Welfare

Min.: Ministry of

MJ: Medical Journal

MMJ: Malawi Medical Journal

MMWR: Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report

Mngmt: Management

N.: Northern

n.d.: no date

NASCOH: National Association of Societies for Care of the Handicapped

Natl: National

NCDPZ: National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe

NIDRD: National Institute of Development Research and Documentation

NIP: National Institute of Psychology

NISE: National Institute of Special Education

No.: Number

NOPC: National Organisation For the Protection of Children

nps: no publisher shown

NORAD: Norwegian Agency for Development Co–operation

n.s.: new series

NUC: National Union Catalog (Library of Congress)

NWFP: North West Frontier Province (Pakistan)

p., pp.: page, pages

PAPCHILD: Pan Arab Project for Child Development

Ped.: Pediatric

Plng: Planning

PPA: Pakistan Psychological Association

PPS: Pakistan Psychiatric Society

PRC: Pakistan Red Cross

Prog.: Programme

PSRD: Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Psychl: Psychology, Psychological

PTS: Pali Text Society

publ.: published

QAF: Queen Alia Fund for Social Development

Qly: Quarterly

RBTU: Radda Barnen Training Unit

Ref.: Reference

Rehab.: Rehabilitation

Res.: Research

Rev.: Review (of)

RLJ: Rhodes–Livingstone Journal

SAFOD: Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled

SAMJ: South African Medical Journal

SANCB: South African National Council for the Blind

SBE: Sacred Books of the East (Ed. Müller)

sci.: science(s)

SEA: South East Asia

SEBESA: Special Education Bulletin for Eastern and Southern Africa

SEPA: Sindh Environment Protection Agency

Serv.: Services

SERVE: Serving Emergence Relief and Vocation Enterprise

SGAA: Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal

SIDA: Swedish International Development Agency

SIM: Sudan Interior Mission

Soc.: Social

Soc.Sci.M.: Social Science and Medicine

Socy: Society

SOS-PG: SOS per Gentes pro Gentibus

spec.: special

TANGO: Tanzania Association of Non Governmental Organizations

TAP: Technical Advisory Programme

T.F.E.: Travail de fin d'études (thesis, literally "The end of study")

T&GM: Tropical and Geographical Medicine

Transl.: Translator, translation, translated

Trng: Training

Trop.: Tropical

UDSM: University of Dar es Salaam

UET: Ur Excavations Texts (London 1928)

UNBO: University of Botswana

UNISE: Uganda National Institute of Special Education

Univ.: University (of)

UNMA: University of Malawi

Unpubl.: Unpublished

UNZA: University of Zambia

UNZI: University of Zimbabwe

UP: University Press

UXO: Unexploded Ordnance

VISA: Visual Impairment Services in Afghanistan

Vol.: Volume

VU: Free University of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit)

WAMJ: West African Medical Journal

Wdk: Windhoek

Welf.: Welfare

WFMH: World Federation for Mental Health

WTC: Without the Camp. Journal of the Mission to Lepers

WUFA: Writers Union of Free Afghanistan

Z.: Zeitschrift (Journal of)