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Disability and Deafness in the Middle East

A bibliography comprising materials with technical, cultural and historical relevance to child and adult impairments, disabilities and deafness, incapacity, mental disorders, special needs, social and educational responses and rehabilitation; partly annotated.

M. Miles (compiler/annotator)
West Midlands, U.K.

For a list of abbreviations used in this document, consult the glossary.

Items in Middle Eastern Languages
(romanised): 1971 to 2007

N.B.: These "Middle Eastern language" items comprise work in original Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. Some items in Greek (from Cyprus) appear in a later section of items in "English and European languages". This division is an intuitive one, which obviously could be challenged on some grounds and supported on others. There is certainly no intention to offend language users who may consider themselves more (or less) "European" or "Middle Eastern".

Items translated to Arabic from English form the second part of this section.

`ABD ALLAH, Layla `Abd Allah Muhammad (1997) Ahkam al-akhras fi al-fiqh al-Islami. (M.A. [?Ph.D.] thesis, Jamiat al-Azhar, 1996) Cairo: Maktabat al-Zahra.
[Comparative study of people who are ‘mute’ or ‘dumb’, in Islamic law]

`ABD UL ILAH Bin `Uthman ash Shayi` (1997) [compiler] Al Lu'lu' uth Thamin Fatwa 'l Mu`awwaqin [Precious Pearls of Verdicts Concerning the Disabled], Riyadh: Dar as-Sumay`i.
See note on next item.

`ABD UR-RAHMAN `Abd ul Khaliq [1995] Al Mushawwiq fi Ahkam al Mu`awwaq [a Fascinating Treatise Concerning the Rules and Regulations for the Disabled], al Hikmah 7: [p. 145], [London: Jamada ath Thaniyah.]
Cited as source by Al-Jibaly (1998), see English section below.

ABU HOMMOS N (1986) Alnathra Hawl Almuakeen Fi al Diffa Algharbia Wakita' Ghaza. [Attitudes towards disabled people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.] Nablus: An-Najah National University.

ABU HARB Q (1992) Mu'asasat Al-Mu'aqeen Fi Al-Diffah Al-Gharbiah: Waqia'ha, Khadamatuha, Hajatuha. [Institutions of disabled people in the West Bank: conditions, services, and needs.] East Jerusalem: Arab Studies Society.

AFROOZ GA (1988) Farsi: [Introduction to Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children. Tehran: Tehran University Press.]

AKCAMETE G (1999) Isitme güclügü olan cocuguma nasil yardimci olabilirim? Anne-babalar icin el kitabi. [How can I help my child with hearing loss? Manual for fathers and mothers.] Ankara: Aydogdu Ofset.

AKCAMETE G & KARGIN T (1996) Isitme engelli çocuga sahip annelarin gereksinimlerinin belirlinmesi. [Assessing the needs of mothers of children with hearingloss.] Ozel Egitim Dergisi 2: 7-24.

ALTAN, Ömer Z (1976) Sakatlar ve Türkiye'de çalisma sorunlari. Eskisehir. xv + 341 pp.
[Disabled people and employment]

ARAB CENTRE for Development and Future Research (1988) Arabic: [The social framework for the disabled in the Arab society.]
Paper presented to the Conference on the Prevention of Disability, Dec. 1988, Association of Institutions for Welfare of Special Categories and the Disabled. Cairo.

ASHWAL, Adil Ahmad Izz al-Din [Ed.] (1987) Mawsu`at al-tarbiyah al-khassah: Injilisi-Arabi. Cairo: Maktabat al-Anjlu al-Misriyah. 1078 pp.
[Encyclopedia on Special Education; Arabic and English]

AWDEH M & AL-HAJJ, Ali A (1992) Arabic: [Focus on the Lives of Disabled Women in Palestinian Society.] Birzeit University.

AYOUSH T (1981) Awda'a Almua'ken Fi Alaradi Almuhtalla. [Disability situation in the Occupied Territories.] Paper submitted to the Second Palestinian Social Conference for Disabled Persons.

AL AZHAR Working Group (1985) Arabic: [Child Care in Islam.] Cairo: UNICEF. (English translated by A TAWFIK & M HAMED also available]
Substantial report of a series of studies on various aspects of child rearing, nutrition, health and education in Islam (supported by quotations from the Holy Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, by a working group appointed by the Grand Sheikh at the request of UNICEF.

AZIM, Ibrahim (1996) Dawr al-tashri`at wa-al-qawanin fi khidmat al-mu`aqin. Dubai. 41 pp.
[On laws concerned with disability, in UAE]

BAKRI Y (1985) Itehad Aljamiat Alkhiria: Nashatat Wakhadamat Aljamiat Alkhiria Fi Muhafadat Al-Quds. [Union of Charitable Societies: the activities and services of the charitable societies in Jerusalem Governorate.] East Jerusalem: Arab Studies Society, Studies and Research Department.

AL-BASIT, Musa (2000) Huquq al-Mu`awwaqin fi al-Shari`a al-Islamiyya [Rights of the disabled in the Islamic Shariah.] Um el Fahem: Markaz al-Dirasat al-Mu`asira. [Not seen. In Dr Rispler-Chaim's "Disability in Islamic Law" (listed below, 2007, see pp. 123-134, plus notes and references pp. 152-153), her English translation of "a portion" from Dr al-Basit's work appears, with permission. This amounts to a wide-ranging essay of more than 6000 words, addressing definitions and variety of disability, duties and liabilities of disabled persons, Islamic ways to prevent disability, moral, spiritual and psychological care afforded to disabled persons within Islam, some notable Muslims having disabilities, material provisions for disabled people, and references in the Qur'an, hadiths and other literature.]

BIBI, Ghanem [1993] Arabic: [Towards Involving Parents in Early Childhood Education. 1. Partnership with Parents. (Report of a Workshop)] Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective. 64 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [Checklist for Developmental Assessment and how to use it.] Cairo: Seti Centre. 25 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [Defining Cerebral Palsy.] Cairo: Seti Centre. 12 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [How to Help Someone with Epilepsy.] Cairo: Seti Centre. 47 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [My Child is Mentally Handicapped. What do I do?] Cairo: Seti Centre. 19 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [The Rights, Needs and Role of Families with Disabled Child.] Cairo: Seti Centre. 36 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [Training for Self-Reliance. Independence in wearing clothes.] Cairo: Seti Centre. 36 pp.

[CARITAS] Arabic: [Who is the Child with Down's Syndrome?] Cairo: Seti Centre. 12 pp.

Arabic: [A Comprehensive Review of the Status of Early Childhood Development in the Middle East and North Africa.] 1995. Researched by Dr Mohammad Salih Khattab, for the Education Section of UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office. Amman: UNICEF. 147 pp. (See notes on English version).

DOGAN O (1995) Aile merkezli erken egitim programlarina devam eden isitme engelli cocuklarda annecocuk etkilesiminin incelenmesi. [Investigating interactions of mothers and children attending a family-focused early intervention program for children with hearing impairment.] Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Ankara.

EGYPT. Min. Education (1989) Muzakkira fi sha'n al-mutattalibat al-tarbawiya li madaris al-tarbiya al-sama'ia. [Memo on educational specifications for schools for the deaf.] Cairo.

EGYPT. Min. Education (1990) Qarar wizari raqam 37 bi tarikh 28/1/1990 fi sha'n al-la'iha al-tan fiziya li madaris wa fusul al-tarbiya al khasa. [Ministerial Decree No. 37 of 28 Jan. 1990, concerning regulations for Special Education Schools and Classes.] Cairo.

EGYPT. Min. Social Affairs (1970) Arabic: [Guide to Nursery Schools and Orphanages for Socially Vulnerable Children.] Cairo.

EGYPT. Min. Social Affairs (1987) Arabic: [Social Rehabilitation: a development message for the Disabled.] Cairo.

Arabic: [EGYPTIAN FEDERATION for the Handicapped Welfare Agencies (1982) Directory of Agencies for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Handicapped in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Cairo.]

[ECONOMIC & Social Commission for Western Asia] Arabic: [Bibliography on disability.] Document E/ESCWA/SD/89/WG.1/32. Amman: United Nations ESCWA.

[ECONOMIC & Social Commission for Western Asia] Arabic: [Directory of institutions in the field of disability in the ESCWA region.] Document E/ESCWA/SD/89/WG.1/34. Amman.

[ECONOMIC & Social Commission for Western Asia] Arabic: [Directory of experts in the field of disability.] Document E/ESCWA/SD/89/WG.1/35. Amman.

[ECONOMIC & Social Commission for Western Asia] Arabic: [Summary of country papers in the field of disability.] Document E/ESCWA/SD/89/WG.1/36. Amman.

AL FARAH, A (2001) Arabic: [Psychological burnout among professionals working in special education settings in the state of Qatar.] Dirasat 28: 247-71.

FAYYAD, Muna (1983) al-Tifl al-mutakhallif `aqliyan fi al-muhit al-usari wa-al-thaqafi: dirasat halat fi al-mujtama` al-Lubnani. Beirut: Ma`had al-Inma' al-`Arabi. 402 pp.
[Studies on children with mental retardation in Lebanon]

Arabic: [First Conference on the Affairs of the Disabled, 28-29 June 1986, Tripoli]. (Lebanon).

GHAHREMAN, Rouzbeh (2002) Persian: [The development of education and training of the deaf in Islamic countries: case study of Iran.] M.A. thesis, Islamic Azad University, Iran.

GÜLEROGLU, Süleyman (1992) Ortopedik özürlü çocuklarin zeka bölümleri ile okul ba,sarilari arasindaki ili,skinin incelenmesine ili,skin bi ara,stirma. Istanbul: Milli Egitim Bakanligi yayinlari. 74 pp.
[On education for people with physical disabilities]

HADIDI, Muna S (1991) Arabic: [Teacher receptivity to the concept of mainstreaming of visually impaired children.] [Unpublished document.] Amman.

HADIDI MS (1991) Arabic: [Instructional competencies necessary for teachers of hearing impaired children in Jordan. Abhath Al-Yarmouk,] 7: 57-77.

HADID[I] MS, SMADI J, & YOUSEF J [ # ] Arabic: [Sources of stress among parents of handicapped children in Jordan. Dirasat ] University of Jordan.

HANINI A (1989) Arabic: [Attitudes towards integration of physically handicapped children]. Masters dissertation, University of Jordan, Amman.

IBRAHIM, Muna Muhammad Ali al-Shaykh (1989) al-Khidmah al-maktabiyah lil-ma`uqin fi al-qutr al-`Iraqi: dirasah maydaniyah. Baghdad. 135 pp.
[Concerned with disabled people in Iraq]

IBRAHIM, Zuhur Ismail (1986) Arabic: [Educational Techniques for Children with Hearing Disabilities.] Baghdad: National Centre for Social & Criminal Research.

IL-I'MLEH J (1984) Al-Bahth Al-'Ihsa'i Haul Al 'Iaqa Fi Al-Diffa Al-Gharbiah [Statistical Report on Disability in the West Bank.] East Jerusalem: Bethlehem Arab Society for Physically Handicapped, Patient's Friend Society, Palestinian Counselling Centre, & National Society for Mental Health.

IRAQ. Min. Labour & Social Affairs, Office of Care for the Disabled. Arabic: [The Experience of Iraq with the Disabled.] Baghdad.

JAFARI MT (1989) Farsi: [Islam and mentally retarded children. J. Exceptional Children], V-1, 19-28. Tehran: Council for Exceptional Children, Iranian Chapter.

JORDAN. Department of Statistics and Survey (1993) Arabic: [The Findings of the Gulf Returnees Survey.] Amman.

JORDAN. Min. Social Development (1984) Arabic: [Jordan Child Study.] Amman.

JORDAN. National Center for Hearing Studies. [no date] Jordanian Sign Language (Lughat al-Isharah al-Aurdiniyah). Amman: AL Markiz al-Watani Lil-Sam'iyat.

KASHIF, Muhammad Sadiq (1987) Taha Husayn basiran. Cairo: Maktabat al-Khanji. 248 pp.
[Biography of Taha Husayn, with reference also to blindness in literature]

AL-KHORI S (1983) Arabic: [Evaluation of Amputee Children.] Amman: Queen Alia Foundation for Social and Volunteer Work.

KILANI AZ & EL-ROUSAN F (1985) Arabic: [A factor analytic study of the adaptive behaviour scale. Dirasat] 12: 9-26.
See EL-ROUSAN, under English language material.

AL-KILANI SF (2005) [Arabic] Measures taken to secure care for persons with special needs in Islamic shariah. Dirasat 32 (1) 22-35.
Suggests that Islamic texts from the Quran and hadiths made extensive provision for all the needs of disabled people to be taken care of.

LEBANON. Office du Développement Social (with UNICEF) [1982] Arabic: [A Manual of Social Institutions in Lebanon 1978-1979 (Volume 1)] Hadath: Social Training Centre.

LEBANON. Office du Développement Social (with UNICEF) [1982] Arabic: [Survey on the enumeration and classification of the handicapped in Lebanon, 1980-81. Final Report] [Unpublished document.] Beirut.
Nationwide survey covering 19,974 disabled persons with detailed questionnaire.

LEBANON. Public Directorate of Social Affairs (1981) Arabic: [Enumeration and classification of disabled persons in Lebanon.] Beirut.

MAHMOUD A (1990) Arabic: [Sport and welfare for the disabled.] Cairo: Maktabat Alnahda Al-misrya.

MEIR, Irit & SANDLER, Wendy (2004) Hebrew: [Language in Space. A Window on Israeli Sign Language.] University of Haifa Press.
Recent book by two of the prominent researchers on Israeli SL.

MINA FM (1983) Birnamij i'dad mu'allimi al'atfal al'mu'awwaquin fi misr. [Teacher training programme for teachers of children with disabilities in Egypt.] In: Majmu'at buhuth wa magalat fil tarbiya. Cairo: Dar al-thaqafa lil tiba'a wal nashr.

MUGHARBEL, Mukhlis (1981) Arabic: [Training and rehabilitation of the disabled in the community: aspects of applied experiments.] Paper presented to the Study Workshop on Care of the Disabled in the Arab Gulf Countries, Manama, 1981.

MURSI, Kamal Ibrahim (1970) al-Takhalluf al-`aqli wa-athar al-ri`ayah wa-al-tadrib fih. 460 pp.
[Concerned with mentally retardation in Egypt]

AL-MUSLAT Z & SALEM M (1982) Arabic: [Education of the deaf and hard of hearing in the kingdon of Saudi Arabia.] Riyadh.

NADER A (1995) Arabic: [Teaching the disabled children.] Dar Alfekr, Jordan.

ONER, N. (1997) Turkiye'de kullanilan psikolojik testler. [Psychological tests used in Turkey]. Istanbul: Bogazici University Publications.

EL-OUAHABI, Fatima L (1995) Arabic: [The integration of disabled people. In: In Our Own Words. Disability and Integration in Morocco.] Beirut: Bissan. (Also in English, from Save the Children Fund (U.K.).

ÖZSOY Y (1983) Turkish: [The Situation of Disabled Children in Pre-School Education.] Ankara: Safak Matbaasi.

Arabic: [Proceedings of the First Congress for Communication Disabilities in Lebanon.] Aayda: Orphan Welfare Association.

PALESTINIAN Red Crescent Society (2003) Arabic: [Disability Guide: types, reasons, symptoms, prevention, treatment, management]. Al-Bireh. 56 pp.

QARQAZ, Na'il Muhammad Ibrahim (1999) Athar al-ikhtilalat al-`aqliyah wa-al-idtirabat al-nafsiyah fi masa'il al-ahwal al-shakhsiyah. Amman: Dar ul Bayariq. 264 pp.
Based on M.A. thesis concerned with domestic relations, legal capacity, disability and insanity in Islamic law.

QUEEN ALIA Fund (1984) Arabic: [Study of Personnel Working with Disabled People in Jordan.] Amman.

QUEEN ALIA Fund (1994) Arabic: [How to deal with a mentally retarded child: a guide for parents.] Amman: QAF & UNICEF.

QUEEN ALIA Fund (1994) Arabic: [How to deal with a cerebral palsied child: a guide for parents.] Amman: QAF & UNICEF.

QUEEN ALIA Fund (1994) Arabic: [How to deal with a hearing impaired child: a guide for parents.] Amman: QAF & UNICEF.

RABADI H (1988) Arabic: [A Study of Problems of Physically Handicapped in Irbid, Jordan]. Irbid: Yarmouk University.

RAJIHI M & AMMAR A (1983) Arabic: [A study of the handicapped in Arab countries.] Arab J. Educational Research], 2 (21) 1-18.

RASHID, Aminah Ubayd (1997) Nahwa mustaqbal ittisali afdal lil-mu`aq: haqq al-mu`aq fi al-ittisal. Dubai: al-Markaz. 50 pp.
[Concerns disabled people and communications, in the UAE]

Arabic: [Report of Conference on the Future of Services for the Disabled in Egypt: particularly the Mentally Disabled. Cairo 28/2 - 1/3/1990.] Cairo: [CARITAS. Seti Centre] 374 pp.

RICHTER-KANIK N (1998) Erken egitimin gelisim geriligi olan bebeklerin annelerinin stress ve anneler ile bebeklerinin etkilesim duzeylerine etkisi. [Analysing the effects of early intervention on the stress and intervention levels of parents of children with developmental delays]. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Ankara.

SABIL, Khadija (1995) Arabic: [Women and disability. In: In Our Own Words. Disability and Integration in Morocco.] Beirut: Bissan. (Also in English, from Save the Children Fund (U.K.).

SADIR, Karin & AL-JAWAHIRI, Nasir (1996) A`lam al-jababirah: mu`jam al-udaba' dhawi al-`ahat. Beirut: Dar Sadir.
[Biographies of historical Arab poets having disabilities]

AL-SARABI R (1995) Al Taqrir A'n Fa'aliat Tatbiqia Llmualimeen Al Mutadarebeen Fi Al Halaqa Al Tadribia Hawla Ta'leem Al Tulab Thawi Al Ihtijat Al Tarbawia Al Khasa. [Report on Applied Exercises Workshop for Teacher Training on Educating Pupils with Special Needs.] Nablus.

SHAKER, Eveleen (1995) Arabic: [Right of My Son to Live. A True Story.] Cairo: El Haya'h El Ama.

SUWED, Abdalla (1983) Abjadiyya ishara alcarabiyya. [Arabic fingerspelling.] Tripoli, Libya: Aldar Alcarabiyya Lilkitab. 210 pp.

SUWED A (1984) Quamus ishari carabi. [Arabic sign language dictionary]. 102 pp.

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TARIQI M (1992) Arabic: [The disabled people: have we fulfilled their rights?] Joint Centre for Research in Prosthetics & Orthotics, Saudi Arabia.

TEKIN, E. & KIRCAALI-IFTAR, G. (2001) Özel e itimde yanlissiz ögretim yontemleri. [Errorless learning procedures in special education]. Ankara: Nobel Publishing.

TURKEY. Bureau of Social Services (2000) Turkish: [Statistics on Disabled Persons under Rehabilitation in Establishments under the Bureau of Social Services and Child Protection.] Ankara.

TURKEY. Milli Egitim Bakanligi (1991) Turkish: [First Special Education Council.] Ankara.

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UNESCO (1993) Arabic: [Sub-Regional Seminar on policy, Planning and Organization of Education for Children with Special Needs, Amman, 4-7 April 1993. Final Report.] Amman: UNESCO/UNEDBAS. 44 pp.

[UNICEF Yemen & RADDA BARNEN] Arabic: [Cerebral Palsy.] Sanaa. 62 pp.

[UNICEF Yemen & RADDA BARNEN] Arabic: [Child Development.] Sanaa. 40 pp.

[UNICEF Yemen & RADDA BARNEN] Arabic: [Polio.] Sanaa. 46 pp.

AL-WA'ILI, Shaykan (1997) Mada talbiyat al-munsha`at al-`amah li-ihtiyajat al-mu`aq. Dubai. 65 pp.
[On services for disabled people in Oman and UAE]

YÖRÜKOGLU A (1980) Çocuk ruh sagligi [Child mental health.] Ankara: Türkiye Is Bankasi Kültür Yayinlari.

[YMCA, Jerusalem] (1995) Daleel Almua'sasat Alkhadamatia: Sih'ha, Irshad, Ta'hel, Ta'leem, Tadreed Mihani. [Guidebook on Centres and Organisations Providing Services: Health, Counselling, Rehabilitation, Education, and Vocational Training.] Beit Sahour Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, with Australian Red Cross.

ZUBI A (1991) Arabic: [Disability in Jordan: some characteristics and demography.] Amman: Kutba/UNICEF Data Bank. 62 pp.

ZUMOT Y (1993) Arabic: [Vocational Training of the Disabled.] Amman.

Items in Arabic (From English original), 1971-2007

ABI-ABDALLAH N (1981) Arabic: [Social Service in Lebanon, 1978-1979.] Hadath: Social Training Centre.

AHRTAG (1987) Adawat Basitah Li-Musaàdat Al-Muàwàqin. (Translation of ‘Simple Aids for Daily Living’. Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective. 72 pp.

[American Association for Mental Deficiency Adaptive Behaviour Scales. Arabic translation. See EL-ROUSAN below]

CAREY, Joan (1995) Arabic: [Community-based rehabilitation. In: In Our Own Words. Disability and Integration in Morocco.] Beirut: Bissan. (English original: Save the Children Fund (U.K.).

CARLISLE, June (1988) Arabic: [Toys for Fun.] London: Teaching Aids at Low Cost.

CHILD-to-Child Readers. Ash-Shujaà Ath-Thalatha. (Translation of ‘I Can Do It Too’). Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective.

DAY R [Arabic. Disturbed Children's Behaviour Rating Scale.] See: DAY, Richard (below)

FALLON B (1992) Hayatuka Bàd Al-Shalal. (Translation of ‘So You're Paralysed’). Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective. 120 pp.

HEGARTY, Seamus (1993) Arabic: [Educating Children and Young People with Disabilities. Principles and the review of practice.] Paris: UNESCO.

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Arabic: [Holy Land Institute for the Deaf. Salt, Jordan, 1964 -1989.] 28 pp.
Arabic-English booklet detailing the work in the first 25 years of this special education centre.

INCLUSION International (formerly ILSMH), Brussels. See publication list for Arabic translations, e.g.
[Starting a Local Society for Persons with Mental Handicap.] (Booklet)
[Profound Mental Handicap. The ultimate challenge (conference report).]
[Significant differences between retardation and mental illness (pamphlet).]

INTERNATIONAL Labour Office (1987) Arabic: [Report of the Workshop on the Development of Policies and Programmes for Social and Vocational Rehabilitation For Disabled Women in the Middle East Region, held in Amman, Jordan.] Amman: ILO.

LEVITT, Sophie (1987) Nahnu Nalàb wa Nataharrak. (Translation of ‘We Can Play and Move’). Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective. 68 pp.

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MILES M [1986] Arabic: [Profound Mental Handicap. The ultimate challenge. Report on the proceedings of an international conference held at Madrid, Nov. 1984.] Brussels: ILSMH. 111 pp.

[Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory, Arabic translation, see AL-BANNA, below]

MYERS RG (1993) Arabic: [Towards a Fair Start for Children: programming for early childhood care and developent in the developing world.] UNESCO and Arab Resource Collective. 128 pp.

SFEIR J & GILKES J [1992] Arabic: [Challenges and Initiatives in Early Childhood Education.] Nicosia: Arab Resource Collective. 50 pp.

Arabic: [State-Trait Anxiety Inventory]. See DAY RC, et al. (below).

UNESCO (1984) Arabic: [Consultation on Alternative Approaches for the Education of the Deaf. Paris, 18-22 June 1984. Final Report.] Paris. (Microfiche).

UNESCO (1985) Arabic: [Helping Handicapped Pupils in Ordinary Schools: strategies for teacher training. Report on a survey of fourteen countries.] ED-86/WS/88. Microfiche. Paris.

UNESCO (1988) Arabic: [UNESCO Consultation on Special Education, Paris, 2-6 May 1988. Final Report.] Paris. (Microfiche).

UNESCO (1993) Arabic: [Teacher Education Resource Pack. Special Needs in the Classroom.] Paris.

UNESCO, Paris: Guides for Special Education. Arabic Translations are available of the following:

--JEFFREE D [The Education of Children and Young People who are Mentally Handicapped.] (Microfiche).

--MITTLER P, MITTLER H, & McCONACHIE H [Working Together: Guidelines for Partnership between Professionals and Parents of Children and Young People with Disabilities.]

--BAINE D [Testing and Teaching Handicapped Children in Developing Countries.] (Microfiche).

--Centre of Total Communication, Copenhagen [Education of Deaf Children and Young People.]

--LABREGÈRE A [Language and Communication for the Young Disabled Person.] (Microfiche).

--HORTON JK [Education of Visually Impaired Pupils in Ordinary School.]

--RYE H & SKJORTEN MD [Children with Severe Cerebral Palsy. An educational guide.]

--O'TOOLE BJ [Guide to Community-Based Rehabilitation Services.]

UNICEF (#) Arabic: [Facts for Life. A communication challenge.] Damascus: UNICEF.

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Arabic: [Women and Disability. A development education kit.] [International Labour Office, Geneva] 1982.

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