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U.S. Launch and Symposium for the World Report on Disability

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo

Coordinator Office for Disability and Inclusive Development, USAID, appointed by the President of the United States of America.

Ms. McClain-Nhlapo was formerly World Bank Senior Operations Officer in the Human Development Network, working on East Asia and Pacific Region and the Africa Region. Ms. McClain-Nhlapo is a human rights lawyer with a particular interest in marginalised groups. In 1999 she was appointed by President Mandela to the South Africa Human Rights Commission, and reappointed by President Mbeki in 2002.

She has served as an expert on a number of UN Committees in the areas of child rights, the right to food and the rights of people with disabilities. She also represented the National Human Rights Institutions at the UN during the process of developing the UN Convention for People with Disabilities. Ms. McClain-Nhlapo has lectured and presented on human rights and development issues on numerous occasions and in a range forums.

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