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Providing Culturally Competent Disability Services to Persons Born in Other Countries

Washington, D.C.
Wyndham City Center Hotel
May 6 - 8, 2002

Sponsored by:
The Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE)


About the Conference

Purpose: One of every 10 U.S. residents was born in another country. Many other nations also have high immigration rates. Increasingly, rehabilitation service providers are called upon to serve persons whose culture may differ from their own. Cultures often influence our understanding of disability and the goals and methods of rehabilitation. This conference examined issues related to providing services to consumers born in other countries, and identify best practices.

Practitioners from the U.S. and other nations participated, describing the strategies they have developed to provide services to persons with disabilities who were born in another country. Other sessions focused on specific cultures of the countries of origin, and concepts of disability and rehabilitation within those cultures. Special issues related to the different types of disability services were also addressed. The two-day conference included both invited and submitted papers. Culture Brokering, a full-day, optional pre-conference workshop, was held May 6th.