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Culture Visit

This assignment utilizes information from previous assignments, lectures, and activities on self–awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skills, and communication.

Parts of this assignment were adapted from:

Luckman, J. (2000). Transcultural communication in health care. Albany, Delmar Thompson Learning.

Becoming a participant–observer is a based on a learning continuum. The first assignment, based on this continuum, is the cultural visit. As the student becomes more familiar with cultural encounters, he or she will progress from the cultural visit to assuming the role of observer and then participant–observer. The student may choose from the list of suggestions below or discuss another type of visit with the instructor. All site visits must be approved by the course instructor previous to the actual visit. Students should travel in pairs and arrange the visit during daylight hours and observe safety precautions while in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Since this is a learning experience that should take the student into an unknown situation, students should choose a visit to a place that is different from their background and culture. The student should be prepared to discuss their cultural visit and experiences in the following week's lab.

The following are suggestions: