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Pediatric Cultural Paper Assignment

Linda Dudek–Shriber, Ed.D., OTR/L

The cultural paper assignment is designed to help the student and his or her peers to understand the beliefs and practices of a specific cultural group regarding their general family structure and dynamics, child–rearing practices, and interactions with educational and medical personnel regarding their children. It is understood however, that each family is different and unique, so the information that you obtain and provide will be more general in nature in regards to the group that you are studying.

The information addressed in your paper should include the following:

  1. Information on the typical family structure, and the roles of the family members within it.
  2. A view on some of the family "values" of the culture. Examples of these values may include equality, democracy, individualism, social orientation of the family, etc.
  3. What some of the typical parenting and disciplinary practices are in this culture.
  4. Perspectives on whether spiritual or religious traditions or practices have an in influence on the parenting styles and practices of the individuals of this culture when comes to making decisions about their child.
  5. How the culture promotes the independence and self–competence of the child. When does the culture engage the child in meaningful work?
  6. What are the perceptions and beliefs about having a child with a disability in the family?
  7. What are the beliefs and practices of a family in this culture when dealing with the medical needs of their child?
  8. What is the extent of the family's input into, and interaction with the educational professionals who service their children?
  9. A summary paragraph that briefly reviews the major findings regarding the cultural beliefs of the group you have studied.

Students should paraphrase and use each of the above as subtitles on their paper to ensure the discussion of each topic area.

Topic areas 1 through 5 will be graded 10 points each. Topic areas 6 and 7 will be worth 15 points each. Topic areas 8 and 9 will be worth 10 points each. The total points for the paper is 100 points. APA style referencing must be used, a reference list must be provided, and the student must use his or her own words in the writing of the paper.