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Treatment of chronically depressed patients: A multisite randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of ''Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy'' (CBASP) for chronic depressions versus usual secondary care

Authors: Wiersma JE, van Schaik DJF, van Oppen P, McCullough JP, et al.

Year: 2008

Source: BMC Psychiatry 8( 18. Date of Publication: 25 Mar 2008).

Abstract: Available at PubMed

Institution: Department of Psychiatry and Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine, VU University Medical Center and Academic Outpatient Clinic for Affective Disorders, Stichting GGZBuitenamstel-de Geestgronden, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Email:

Language: English

Subject headings: Adults, Alcoholism, Anxiety disorders, Chronic illness, Classification systems, Cost benefit analysis, Costs, Depression, Follow up, Indexes, Older adults, Physicians, Policy, Poverty, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Research, Research methodology, Secondary condition, Service delivery, Statistics

Geographic areas: Europe, Netherlands

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