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Diagnostic Drawing Series and dissociative disorders: A Dutch study.

Authors: Fowler JP, Ardon AM

Year: 2002

Source: Arts in Psychotherapy 29(4):221-230.

Abstract: The current study focused on the following three research questions; what is the inter-rater reliability of three different raters, both when rating the graphic characteristics and when placing patients within a graphic profile; how well does the placement, by the raters, of patients within a graphic profile compare to the clinical diagnosis and the conclusions from Structured Clinic Interview for DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders; and does an analysis of the relationship between the graphic characteristics, as they are found in the graphic profile of patients with dissociative disorders, provide any indications that the graphic profile could form a basis for the development of an actuarial decision-making process for the Diagnostic Drawing Series. The study involved seventeen participants with dissociative identity disorder and twelve with dissociative disorder - not otherwise specified. It was found that the inter-rater reliability was unsatisfactory. Experience in the field greatly determined the extent of accuracy with which the rate could rate the graphic characteristics. (CIRRIE Abstract)

Institution: Psycho-Medisch Centrum Parnassia, Centrum voor Intensieve Behandeling, Hague, Netherlands

Language: English

Subject headings: Abstracts, Diagnosis, Evaluation, Evaluation techniques, Psychiatric disabilities, Psychotherapy

Geographic areas: Europe, Netherlands

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