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Cane (*)

Cane travel of the blind (*)

Cardiopulmonary Function (PDF)

Caregivers: Their Role in Rehabilitation (PDF)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (PDF)

Cerebral Palsy: Conductive Education to Promote Behavioural Initiative in Children with Cerebral Palsy (PDF)

Certification: Practitioner Certification in the Delivery of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Individuals with Disabilities in the United States (PDF)

Chair (*)

Child Obesity (PDF)

Child-Centred Play Therapy (PDF)

Chronaximeter (*)

Circuit Training (*)

Classification and terminology of assistive products (PDF)

Cleft Palate-Speech Evaluation (PDF)

Cluttering (PDF)

Cognitive rehabilitation and people with dementia (PDF)

Coma (PDF)

Coma: Detecting signs of consciousness in severely brain injured patients recovering from coma (PDF)

Communication Disorders: Auditory Processing Disorders (PDF)

Community Living for Inmates (PDF)

Community-based rehabilitation (PDF)

Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (PDF)

Compression device (*)

Congenital Clubfeet (**)

Contraction (*)

Coordination (*)

Coronary Artery Disease and Quality of Life (PDF)

Corset (*)

Crutch (*)

Current (*)

*: Originally published in: Eisenberg MG. 1995. Dictionary of Rehabilitation. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Used with permission.

**: Originally published in: Association des paralysés de France. 1996. Déficiences motrices et handicaps, Aspects sociaux, psychologiques, médicaux, techniques et législatifs, troubles associés. Used with permission.

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