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Deinstitutionalization (PDF)

Dementia (Improving Quality of Life in Individuals with Dementia: The Role of Nonpharmacologic Approaches in Rehabilitation) (PDF)

Dermohmmetry (*)

Disability Studies (PDF)

Doman-Delacato patterning therapy (*)

Down Syndrome: Sensory Integration, Vestibular Stimulation and Neurodevelopmental Therapy Approaches for Children (PDF)

Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy (**)

Dysarthria (PDF)

Dysphagia (Difficulty swallowing or difficulty moving food from mouth to stomach) (PDF)

*: Originally published in: Eisenberg MG. 1995. Dictionary of Rehabilitation. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Used with permission.

**: Originally published in: Association des paralysés de France. 1996. Déficiences motrices et handicaps, Aspects sociaux, psychologiques, médicaux, techniques et législatifs, troubles associés. Used with permission.

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