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Schizophrenia (PDF)

Schott System (*)

Schwartz Method (*)

Scoliosis Rehabilitation (PDF)

Seguin Foamboard (*)

Self Determination (PDF)

Self Evaluation and Visual Impairment (PDF)

Self Report (PDF)

Self-Awareness (PDF)

Self-care (PDF)

Self-efficacy in the context of rehabilitation (PDF)

Sensory Integration (PDF)

Sensory Integration Therapy (*)

Severe Disabilities (Education and Individuals with Severe Disabilities: Promising Practices) (PDF)

Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury (PDF)

Sexuality and the Role of the Rehabilitation Professional (PDF)

SFTR Method (*)

Sheltered Workshops (PDF)

Shoe (*)

Shoulder Wheel (*)

Sickle Cell Disease (PDF)

Sign language and interpretation (PDF)

Signage (PDF)

Skin Disorders and Quality of Life (PDF)

Sleep Disorders in Rehabiliation Patients (PDF)

Sling (*)

Smart Homes (PDF)

Social Participation (PDF)

Social Skills (PDF)

Socio-Economic Position (PDF)

Socket (of prosthesis) (*)

Spasticity (PDF)

Spasticity: Spastic Movement Disorder (PDF)

Special Education: What do Greek Teachers Know about Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder? (PDF)

Speech Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology (PDF)

Spinal Cord Injuries in the Developing World (PDF)

Spinal Cord Injury: Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Injuries (**)

Spinal Muscular Atrophies in Children and Adolescents (**)

Sports (Adapted Physical Activity and Sport in Rehabilitation) (PDF)

Steinert's Disease or Myotonic Dystrophy (**)

Strap (*)

Stretching (*)

Stroke (**)

Stuttering (PDF)

Supported Employment (PDF)

Swedish Walking (*)

*: Originally published in: Eisenberg MG. 1995. Dictionary of Rehabilitation. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Used with permission.

**: Originally published in: Association des paralysés de France. 1996. Déficiences motrices et handicaps, Aspects sociaux, psychologiques, médicaux, techniques et législatifs, troubles associés. Used with permission.

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