International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Calliess, Iris Tatjana, MD
Author: ICF)">Inpatient Psychosomatic Rehabilitation including the aspects of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF)

Camden, Chantal, PT, MSc, doctoral candidate
Author: Rehabilitation for Children - How is it Different from Rehabilitation for Adults?

Carlin, Marsha, MS
Author: Functional Assessment

Carter, EW
Reviewer: Severe Disabilities (Education and Individuals with Severe Disabilities: Promising Practices)

Chang, SF
Reviewer: Osteoporosis and physical activity

Chappell, Neena L., Ph.D., FRSC
Author: Age Related Disabilities - Aging and Quality of Life

Cho, Hyun-Jeong
Author: Empowerment

Clare, Linda, Ph.D.
Author: Cognitive rehabilitation and people with dementia

Clark, Mary Kristen, MS
Author: Language Disorders (Child Language Disorders)

Clevnert, Ulla, B.Sc. Social Work
Author: Personal Assistance in Sweden

Conyers, Liza M, Ph.D.
Author: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Cooke, Heather A., MA
Author: Age Related Disabilities - Aging and Quality of Life

Cooper, Claudia
Reviewer: Caregivers: Their Role in Rehabilitation

Coury, Helenice Jane Cote Gil, Ph.D.
Author: Prehension

Crandall, Bill, Ph.D.
Author: Signage

Cummings, Louise
Author: Pragmatic Disorders

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