International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Dambrauskas, Kristin
Author: Tardive Dyskinesia

De Serres, Louise, B.Sc. (ergothérapie)
Author: Locked-in Syndrome

Deutsch, Paul M., Ph.D., CRC, CCM, CLCP, FIALCP
Author: Life Care Planning

Diesfeld, Kate, J.D.
Author: Legal Services for Disabled People in New Zealand

Dietz, Volker
Author: Rehabilitation of Locomotor Function After a Central Motor Lesion, Spasticity: Spastic Movement Disorder

Dillon, Michael P, B. P&O (Hons); Ph.D.
Author: Partial Foot Amputation: Aetiology, Incidence, Complications, Prosthetic Intervention and a Characterisation of Gait

Dionyssiotis, Yannis
Author: Bone Loss in Spinal Cord Injury and Multiple Sclerosis

Dixon, John, Ph.D., AcSS
Author: Legislation (Disability Rights in a Global Setting)

Doig, Emmah, Ph.D., B.Occ Thy (Hons)
Author: Community-based rehabilitation

Downing, June E., Ph.D.
Author: Severe Disabilities (Education and Individuals with Severe Disabilities: Promising Practices)

Dubois, Alain, M.A.
Author: Employability

Ducharme, Stanley, Ph.D.
Author: Sexuality and Spinal Cord Injury

Dumont, Claire, occupational therapist, Ph.D.
Author: Identity

Dursun, Erbil
Author: Biofeedback

Dyer, Josh, Ph.D.
Author: Multiple Sclerosis: Depression

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