International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Garland, Douglas E., M.D.
Author: Bone Impairment and Spinal Cord Injury

Giacino, J
Author: Coma: Detecting signs of consciousness in severely brain injured patients recovering from coma

Giangregorio, LM
Reviewer: Bone Impairment and Spinal Cord Injury

Gitlin, Laura N., Ph.D.
Author: Dementia (Improving Quality of Life in Individuals with Dementia: The Role of Nonpharmacologic Approaches in Rehabilitation)

Gobelet, C
Author: Multidisciplinary Aspects of Rehabilitation

Golden, Thomas P.
Author: Community Living for Inmates

Goodall, Deborah
Author: Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Gottlieb, Aaron
Author: Employment of People with Disabilities

Gracey, Fergus
Author: Adjustment

Graham, James E., Ph.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Grahn Kronhed, Ann-Charlotte, RPT, Ph.D.
Author: Osteoporosis and physical activity

Granger, Carl V., M.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Guberman, Nancy
Author: Caregivers: Their Role in Rehabilitation

Guenther, Susan, MSc.
Author: Transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities: Evidence from the literature

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