International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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La Grow, Steven J.
Author: Orientation to Place

Laar van, T, MD, Ph.D.
Author: Visual Hallucinations in Parkinson's Disease

Lak, Davis C.C.
Author: Social Skills

Lane, Joseph P.
Author: Technology Transfer

Langhammer, Birgitta, RPT, Ph.D.
Author: Physical Therapy Tests in Stroke Rehabilitation

Laureys, S
Author: Coma: Detecting signs of consciousness in severely brain injured patients recovering from coma

Law, James
Reviewer: Language Disorders (Child Language Disorders)

Law, Mary, Ph.D.
Author: Transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities: Evidence from the literature

Le Pira, Francesco
Reviewer: Amnesia

Leahy, Michael J.
Author: Certification: Practitioner Certification in the Delivery of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Individuals with Disabilities in the United States

Lee, Gloria K., Ph.D., CRC
Author: Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities

Lee, Geraldine A
Author: Coronary Artery Disease and Quality of Life

Leff, Alexander P.
Author: Rehabilitation of acquired alexia

LeJeune, B.J., M.Ed.
Author: Low Vision

Leroy-Malherbe, Véronique
Author: Encephalitis and Meningoencephalitis

Leung, Ada Y.N.
Author: Schizophrenia

Liedberg, GM
Reviewer: Fibromyalgia

Lin, JD
Reviewer: Intellectual Disabilities

Llewellyn, Gwynnyth
Author: Mental Health and Disability

Lloyd, Chris
Author: Burnout, Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Psychiatric and Psychological Disorders

Logemann, Jeri A., Ph.D.
Author: Dysphagia (Difficulty swallowing or difficulty moving food from mouth to stomach)

Loi-Yan Chu, Vanessa, Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (HKU)
Author: TCM therapies">Alternative therapy - TCM therapies

Lomas, D, B.Sc.
Author: Posture, the lumbar spine and back pain

Long, Richard
Reviewer: Orientation to Place

Lopes de Mello, Lucce, MD
Author: Psychosomatic Disorders

Lou, Edmond
Reviewer: Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Lubinski, Rosemary, Ed.D.
Author: Speech Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology

Luthi, F
Author: Multidisciplinary Aspects of Rehabilitation

Lysaght, Rosemary, Ph.D.
Author: Job Analysis (What it is and how it is used)

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