International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Müller, Andreas A., MD, DDS
Author: Quality of life among children, adolescents and adults with orofacial clefts

MacFarland, Stephanie, Ph.D.
Author: Severe Disabilities (Education and Individuals with Severe Disabilities: Promising Practices)

Madianos, Michael, MD, MPH
Author: Deinstitutionalization

Maisel, Jordana L.
Author: Visitability

Malik, Chetan, M.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Markello, Sam, Ph.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Masala, Carmelo
Author: Models of Disability

Matteliano, Mary
Reviewer: Activities of Daily Living, Self-care

Maulik, Pallab K., MD, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Author: Epidemiology of Intellectual Disability, History of Intellectual Disability

May, S, Ph.D.
Author: Posture, the lumbar spine and back pain

McConkey, Roy
Reviewer: Adult Education and Intellectual and Allied Developmental Disabilities

Meeus, Mira
Author: Myalgic encephalomyeltitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: Rehabilitation through activity management, stress management and exercise therapy

Meloni, Fabio
Author: WHODAS II: Disability self-evaluation in the ICF conceptual frame">WHODAS II: Disability self-evaluation in the ICF conceptual frame

Melvin, Jonathan Kessler, QMHA
Author: Emotional Disorders (In Children and Adolescents)

Menz, Fred E.
Reviewer: Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities

Michon, Agnes
Reviewer: Mild Cognitive Impairment: Case Definitions, Age, and Other Risk Factors

Migliore, Alberto, Ph.D.
Author: Sheltered Workshops

Miles, M
Author: Religion and Spirituality

Miller, Nick
Author: Dysarthria

Moore, J. Elton, Ed.D. CRC
Author: Low Vision

Moriana Elvira, Juan Antonio
Reviewer: Social Skills

Moritz, Steffen
Author: Metacognitive training in schizophrenia: from basic research to intervention

Morris, David M
Reviewer: Physical Therapy Tests in Stroke Rehabilitation

Motegi, Takashi, MD, Ph.D.
Author: Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Murphy, Gregory
Reviewer: Employment of People with Disabilities

Murphy, Kathleen M., Ph.D.
Author: Knowledge Translation

Myers, Florence L.
Author: Cluttering

Myhill, William N.
Author: Employment of People with Disabilities

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