International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Nair, Revindran, BHB, BSM, FRANZCP
Author: Perinatal Depression: Assessment and Management

Negrini, Stefano
Reviewer: Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Nelson, Geoffrey
Author: Housing and Mental Health

Nelson Bryen, Diane, Ph.D.
Author: Attitudinal Barriers to Rehabilitation

Niewczyk, Paulette M., Ph.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Nijhuis-van der Sanden, Maria W.G., Ph.D., PT
Author: Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy

Nijs, Jo
Author: Myalgic encephalomyeltitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: Rehabilitation through activity management, stress management and exercise therapy

Nochajski, Sue
Reviewer: Transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities: Evidence from the literature

Nota, Laura
Reviewer: Self Determination

Nykänen, Ossi
Author: Web Accessibility

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