International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Obremski, Shea
Author: Intellectual Disabilities

Oddo, Christine
Author: Electronic Aids to Daily Living

Ogrodniczuk, John S., Ph.D.
Author: Borderline Personality Disorder

Ohtake, Patricia J, PT, Ph.D.
Author: Physical Therapy - Key Component of the Rehabilitation Team

Oliveira Lima, Lidiane, PT, MSc
Author: Physical Therapy - Exercise and Parkinsons Disease

Oostendorp, Rob A.B., Ph.D., PT, MT
Author: Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy

Orpwood, Roger
Author: Smart Homes

Ottenbacher, Kenneth, Ph.D.
Author: Functional Assessment

Ouellet, Marie-Christine, Ph.D.
Author: Sleep Disorders in Rehabiliation Patients

Ownsworth, Tamara
Author: Adjustment

Ozmin, Michal
Reviewer: Universal Design

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