International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation

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Waghorn, Geoff, Ph.D.
Author: Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Psychiatric and Psychological Disorders

Walker, Lloyd
Reviewer: Technology Transfer

Walker, Jennie
Author: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ward, Anthony B, BSc, M.D., FRCPE, FRCP
Author: Spasticity

Weed, Roger O., Ph.D.
Author: Private Sector Rehabilitation
Reviewer: Life Care Planning

Wehmeyer, Michael L.
Author: Empowerment, Intellectual Disabilities, Self Determination

Weiss, Hans-Rudolf
Author: Kyphosis (Physical and technical rehabilitation of patients with Scheuermann's disease and kyphosis), Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Wells-Jensen, Sheri
Author: Braille

Welmer, Anna-Karin
Reviewer: Spasticity

Welti, Felix, Dr. iur. habil.
Author: Legal Services: A comment from a German view

Westbrook, John D., Ph.D.
Author: Knowledge Translation

Wolffe, Karen E
Reviewer: Low Vision

Wong, Virginia CN, MBBS (HK), MRCP (UK), FRCP (London, Edinburgh), FRCPCH, DCH (London), DCH (Glasgow), FHKAM (Paed), FHKCPaed
Author: TCM therapies">Alternative therapy - TCM therapies

Woodward, Todd S.
Author: Metacognitive training in schizophrenia: from basic research to intervention

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