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Searching the ICF Crosswalk

ICF is a classification of health and health related domains that describe body functions and structures, activities and participation. The domains are classified from body, individual and societal perspectives. Since an individual's functioning and disability occurs in a context, ICF also includes a list of environmental factors.

(Introduction to the ICF, World Health Organization)

The CIRRIE Thesaurus is an alphabetical listing of approved terms for searching the CIRRIE Database.

Both the ICF and the CIRRIE Thesaurus are classification systems dealing with similar topics. Subject headings and codes, however, do not always correspond exactly. For this reason, a crosswalk was created to assist you in converting an ICF code to a selection of CIRRIE subject headings to choose from for searching the CIRRIE Database on your desired topic.

The CIRRIE Thesaurus contains slightly over 700 terms. Many of the headings are quite broad. To correspond more closely with the ICF, we have chosen to use the short version, or two level classification codes, of the ICF. Because of this, the selection of citations returned will also broad. Please note that an exact match is often not possible. What is possible, however, is to help you gain familiarity with the CIRRIE Thesaurus, and identify a selection of articles on your topic.

Enter the desired code into the search field. (Note: All entries will automatically be truncated to the two level classification code with qualifiers removed)

A page will be returned with choices of CIRRIE Thesaurus subject headings for you to select from and combine if necessary to closest match your intended inquiry.

For example, entering "e430" (Individual attitudes of people in positions of authority) will result with the following list returned:

Checking the boxes next to a term will include it in your search. These terms can be connected with either an AND or OR boolean operator, which can be chosen from a drop–down menu below the terms. Please note that you must select at least one CIRRIE Thesaurus term from the list provided.

Your search can be further refined by selecting a Condition or Special Population from the drop–down menu. This term will be ANDed in with the other results. For example, "Attitudes" can be combined with "Alzheimer's disease."

As with any database, results depend upon your search strategy and the citations included within the database. If your results are too broad, try combining your choice with a second term. If your results are too narrow, eliminate one of your search terms. If you retrieve no article citations, check to be sure that you have chosen at least one suggested subject heading to search. Additionally, please remember that there may not be articles included in the database on your selected topic.

If you are unsure of the exact ICF code to search by, you may wish to browse the ICF classification. Selecting a code from the list will result with a list of suggested CIRRIE Subject headings and you may proceed as above.

Our crosswalk is still in the development stage. If you have questions on how to use, or suggestions for improving our crosswalk search, please use the feedback form below.

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